Sr deLourdes   I t is almost 25 years since Sr de Lourdes was appointed as Parish Sister. She had worked as a teacher in Holy Family School from 1976—1999 and following her early retirement, she began her new role as Parish Sister. 
During her years in the Pastoral Centre, she has supported many ministries such as the Baptism Group, St Vincent de Paul Society, Rainbows, St Joseph’s Young Priests Society, the Mothers Prayer Group as well as her welcoming presence in the Pastoral Centre. After a quarter of a century of service, she has decided to retire from her role. The Parish Pastoral Council are organising a farewell celebration to mark this significant event. The celebration will take place on Monday February 12th at 2.30pm. It will be our opportunity to express our gratitude as well as wishing her a long and happy retirement. All are welcome to attend.