Jack Charlton has been laid to rest, 

the memories they are mighty.

The victory over England at Stuttgart,

the euphoria of Italia ’90!


He lifted our people and country,

The likes we’ve never known.

“Olé, Olé” was all the go – and not,  

You’ll Never Walk Alone!


Then Klopp he came to Anfield,

Expectations, as high as the moon.

Was he the Messiah they needed?

Would the famine end very soon?


Mo Salah, Firmino and Mane.

Make the opposition moan.

The Kop was back in full voice -

You’ll Never Walk Alone!


This has been a vintage year,

as leaders by a mile.

They beat the best and beat them well,

we loved to watch their style.


But COVID nearly jinxed them,

the premiership, nearly blown.

The trophy now is in their hands –

You’ll Never Walk Alone!


So we gather here this Sunday,

with Jesus as our Lord.

Who taught us to forgive and love,

that’s how He is adored.


But the storms of life can try us,

and our burdens make us forlorn.

So we trust in Christ to comfort us –

You’ll Never Walk Alone!



We watch the news each evening,

we wear our masks each day.

Did we ever think of life like this,

after 3 months locked away?


Fear not my friends, don’t be afraid,

God’s love it has been shown.

As Jesus is always with us –

You’ll Never Walk Alone!



The future does concern us,

another spike, we would fear.

For jobs and work, for school and health,

it has been a frightening year.


At times we feel so helpless,

when the seeds of fear are sown.

But hope in Christ, our faithful friend, … and

You’ll Never Walk Alone!


By Fr Padraig Walsh

July 2020