The death of a Christian is not the end of life, but rather a transformation in an onward journey towards eternal life with God.

St. Brendan’s Parish follows the Diocesan Recommendations on Funerals.

The death of a loved one is a very sensitive time for her/his family, friends and neighbours. Your priest is available to plan the funeral liturgy.

In planning a funeral liturgy we ask you to take note of the following.


Liturgical music must be used.


All readings must be taken from Sacred Scripture.

The first reading is from the Old Testament.

The Responsorial Psalm is normally sung.

The second reading is from the New Testament.

Prayer of the Faithful. Feel free to discuss with the priest the preparation of the prayers of the faithful.


Old Testament Readings: Click here to download
Responsorial Psalms: Click here to download
New Testament Readings: Click here to download
All Psalms and Readings: Click here to download  


Only gifts of bread and wine will be offered at this time.


If there are symbols of the deceased’s life that are meaningful to the family and friends, these can be brought to a sacred space before the funeral mass begins.

The priests of the parish encourage the family members to take an active part in the Funeral Liturgy of their loved ones and they will assist them in every way possible.

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