Sunday October 20th - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

First Reading The Lord promises that his deliverance will come soon, that all peoples will be invited to share in it, and there will be joy for all who join themselves to the Lord. This is the whole purpose of mission: the spreading of God’s Joy.

Second Reading Like the first reading, the second makes it clear that mission is about drawing all people into the unfolding plan of God. This unfolding plan is described as a ‘mystery.’ This does not mean a ’riddle,’ but refers to the fact that God’s unstoppable plan unfolds in a way that is beyond our grasp.

Gospel From where does the Church’s missionary work derive its credibility? Good works on behalf of the poor are always credible and admirable, yet Jesus described an even deeper source of credibility: when believers are one with Christ and with each other, the Gospel takes flight!